Youtube Seo Optimization Basics – How To Rank Your Video

What is YouTube Seo Optimization?
YouTube has a sophisticated internal search algorithm, so participants can rank for specific keywords or phrases just like they would within a regular search engine. This means there are things you can do to optimize your videos within YouTube.

Yotube Seo – On-page Factors

1. Keyword research

Use Google’s free keyword tool to find keyword phrases that you can use to optimize your video for seo.

2. Optimize your channel

Include your main keyword name in your channel your product name in the channel name.

3. Optimize video file name

Use your main keyword phrase in your video file name.Name your video file name with your main keyword phrase for example, name your file “seo-strategies.mp4” if ‘seo strategies’ is your main keyword.

4. Optimize metadata

Help YouTube find and index your video content by including the title, description and tags of your video.Place your main keyword phrase in the first part of your video title and create a eye catching title by including your main keyword phrase followed by one benefit.

For example if your keyword phrase is “video optimization”. Your video title could be “12 tips for better video optimization” Your video description should start with your main keyword phrase… and then followed by your destination URL.Then include a 2 to 3 sentence description of the video with your keyword phrase used once or twice naturally.

It should like this: Video Optimization Tips Watch this video to learn 12 Video Optimization tips…

If your destination URL is to your blog post, try to make your blog post name include the keyword phrase. Then paste the complete URL in the description. Google will use this to rank your video.

For your tags include your main keyword phrase and at least 4 closely related keyword phrases in the tags field. You can find these keywords when you use the Google Keyword Tool.

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