Youtube Creator Studio 2020 No Longer In Beta ~ What You Need To Know

The YouTube Creator Studio in 2020 is no longer in beta mode, so here is what you need to know. To get optimization done for you, please connect with us-

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When you’re uploading videos to YouTube, for the most part it’s the same. You’re going to click on the camera with a plus sign on the upper right hand corner and then you’re going to go through the process of adding your elements.

You’ll start by adding your title and description, then you need to select whether or not the content was made for kids or not. This is a requirement on the new studio. You’ll be able yo upload your custom thumbnail and you can also add what playlist to put your video in.

Under “more options” is where you can select your category, say whether or not it was a paid promotion video, add your recording location, add your tags, select your language and upload corrected SRT files if you have them.

Under “video elements” is where you can add your end screens and cards.

Then under “visibility” is where you select your posting option and have your scheduling options.

The system is no longer in beta so it’s time to be used however you can still which to the classic mode for now if you feel it’s needed.

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