WordPress Tutorial: Create a Facebook App or Application to get App ID for WordPress 07FEB12

This WordPress Video Tutorial Shows you how to Create a Facebook App or Facebook Application for WordPress when using Facebook Social plugins such as “comments” or “like”. These plugins my be found here at Facebook Developers page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/


25 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial: Create a Facebook App or Application to get App ID for WordPress 07FEB12”

  1. Tina, if you will look below, Venki S left a comment thanking me for this video. I don't think I need to update this video. I have NO idea why FB will not let you save your domain URL. Sounds like the problem is with Facebook and NOT my video. The video has been watched over 4,600 times and I think you are the only one who says I need to update the video. I will update the video gladly if you can show me which step is incorrect.

  2. Thanks for posting Jim, I am having an issue creating an app on my business FB page ( I can with my personal). I need the ID and secret for the MicroblogPoster plugin. When I try the FB developer URL the create app button does not exist and I can not create anything. Have you heard about this problem? Thanks

  3. Hey Mr. Jupiter, thanks soooo much. This is one of the best instructions I have seen on youtube. The audio was great, the instruction was clear and precise! Just what the doctor ordered.

  4. I am very sorry this is happening to you. Make sure you are logged into Facebook before you do this and see if that helps. You are correct to never give your credit card number especially since this is free. I am sorry, but I have no clue why this is happening to you and I have never seen this before. Sorry.

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