Willing Beauty Reviews

I have Willing Beauty Reviews. This is a pretty new line. There are some real STARS in this line up. You wont want to miss seeing the products.

Don’t forget to mention to Amy that you want the bundle. SIX products for $98. You will not be disappointed.

To get your own, go here: https://willingbeauty.com/amyslazyk

Mascara to Midnight

Beauty, skin care, hair and babies. Join me for the chaos that is my life, as we talk about all things beauty for the mature woman.

I post on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’m happy to answer any questions or do a video about anything you suggest.

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17 thoughts on “Willing Beauty Reviews”

  1. I completely agree with you on this style of business. Might as well help a friend get a little commission that some random person! I do think that some of the sellers can give it a bad name with how pushy they can be but then again so can car salespeople, cashiers trying to get you to apply for the store credit card, and satellite tv salespeople lol. I actually haven't jumped into the essential oil products yet.

  2. Essential oils sometimes irritate my skin so I have to be careful. I love The Ordinary Rosehip seed oil very much. Sounds like we have the same skin type. Illuminator is on LEFT side of face? Lol. I love love Buffet serum from The Ordinary. I love my younique foundation

  3. I haven't heard of this brand before but it seems to be hit and miss with you and my skin type is like yours. On the flip side, your brows look awesome and I'm waiting patiently to see what you've got going on with them after the big old scary shaving video! I've been a good girl and I haven't even asked you since I want to see your reveal. Yep, I'm the type that never snuck in to see what my Christmas presents were either because I hate for surprises to be spoiled.

  4. (((((((((((((michele)))))))))))))) not sure where you are in texas but i am hoping you are in a safe place and that your family is all together. this looks like a really bad situation for sure. let us know when you can. big hugs ~k

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