Why to join MPA (my paying ads) MPA for Next 5 to 10 Yrs.

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My Paying Ads Strategy

The best strategy which I’m following and almost everyone in the group is following to get the maximum output is, try to purchase as many shares as you can for the first couple of months using cash earnings + re-purchase earnings until you recover your seed money.

After you recover your seed money, you go straight by re-purchasing more ad packs. Then you set your goal of daily income say $50 to $100 per day, you keep re-purchasing until you reach the number of shares that may approximately yield you the earnings that is equivalent to your goal ($50 to $100 daily for ex.) without minimizing the number of your shares.

This is the Basic strategy, but still every member has got his personal strategy for his own as well as for his team applying which they’re producing excellent results and earning lots of money out of this program.


Is My Paying Ads business model sustainable?

My Paying Ads is an advertising company, which pays members commissions from sales made, based on the number and value of active Ad Packs they have purchased.

It is not an investment company but provides a service to online entrepreneurs, while allowing each member to earn a commission without necessarily having to promote or recruit.

In theory, this is a great thing as your earnings are not dependent on recruiting or promoting. As fast as the company grows in popularity, membership, and revenue, you earn an income.

How the Program works

This is an advertising revenue share company that offers advertising packs (Ad Packs) in 10 different levels. (Level 1 through Level 10). (11th Level has been introduced recently).

You can have 200 ad packs at the most to each level. (At 10th level only you can have unlimited ad packs). There is a restriction of having at least 100 ad packs in each level to proceed to the next level. The compounded return of your ad pack purchase comes back to you in two parts. Cash Earnings (30%) and Re-purchase earning (70%). You’re eligible to withdraw the cash earning and reinvest the re-purchase earnings to re-purchase more shares and that purchase again comes back to you in the similar manner (30%-70%).


My Paying Ads Repurchase Strategy

1 – Each member must start with the purchase from the $1 Ad Packs Plan. They can purchase as many as they can afford, but cannot purchase from other Ad pack Plans until they meet the following conditions.

2 – Member must have and maintain at least 100 active Ad Packs in the lower cost Plans before purchasing from a more expensive one. This ensures that members keep repurchasing, thereby allowing money to circulate. This has the added benefit of allowing members with limited funds to have a fair chance to earn as well.

3 – Each member is limited to the number of Ad Packs they can purchase. The maximum number is 200 active Ad Packs from Plans 1 to 9, and 2000 for Ad Pack Plan 10. No one member can “own it all”


Is My Paying Ads Scam or NOT?

The bottom line is that My Paying Ads is producing results, both for Advertisers and income seekers. The company has lived up to it’s promise of quickly delivering targeted traffic to offers advertised at the site, while allowing members to earn an income. These updates can be monitored every 30 minutes.

The best part is that My Paying ads actually pays and does so speedily. So we can say that it is not a scam.

Membership is Free

There is no membership fee. It’s absolutely Free to join. Just join the program for free and start purchasing ad packs and earn money on a regular and healthy basis.


Why to join MPA (my paying ads) MPA for Next 5 to 10 Years.


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