Why this 5.47% undervalue dividend stock is my choice this week! (Sunningdale)

In this week’s Dividends Challenge, I choose Sunningdale as a stock I will look into. Watch the video to see why I chose this out of all the other companies!

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5 thoughts on “Why this 5.47% undervalue dividend stock is my choice this week! (Sunningdale)”

  1. thanks u for sharing sir. can i suggest to have less subtle background Music? (as i volume up to hear your louder, the background music also get louder). back to the company, i not too confident of manufacturing industry, especially with the lower cost of labour outside singapore. and possibly precision engineering, which although u highlight it niche and hard to penetrate and the high initial investment cost in the precision machinary, out of singapore, there could be (and should be) someone out there (possibly china or taiwan) doing a bettet job or if Not better, cheaper job. i would be cautious though. nonetheless it just my thoughts s. cheers sir. looking forward to your next dividend video.

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