Why Review Sites Matter To Your Company Online

When a consumer searches online for the solution to their problem the results they see from the search engine are based on the content, how current and how relevant to the search terms the sites are. If your company is not active on social, not just generic lame kitty pic posts either(!), they likelihood of the consumer seeing links to your reviews is very high. Not many company owners like reviews sites but you know who does? YOUR customers! When they see many review sites listed for your company the WILL click and the WILL read! Its imperative that ALL reviews are replied to with more than a copy and pasted non specific response, it shows potential customers that your company is gracious and also willing to address concerns when they arise. Take the time now to do some spring cleaning, get in to all the sites and make sure your company info is current and then reply to EVERY review! Need help? Call Mike theCarGuy 🙂

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