Why I Was Evicted | Tea Time #4

My ex was MARRIED: https://youtu.be/zlC67UOJEjI
He broke into my house: https://youtu.be/yV15GgoJ9ec
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16 thoughts on “Why I Was Evicted | Tea Time #4”

  1. you are honestly so inspiring, i just recently found you from Amanda Bucci's channel and the q&a you guys did and i subscribed to you and found myself binge watching all of your videos. I found the credit score vids to be so helpful since i'm young and still trying to figure everything out financially so thank you so much!!

  2. That's terrible that YouTube has done that! These are topics that need to be openly discussed. They should be more concerned with TONS of other YouTubers and they way they speak, behave and, well we all know the group of BULLIES and trouble makers. Someone who talks about real life issues and problems and is actually a GREAT role model for younger people shouldn't be penalized!

  3. I’m going to start unsubscribing from your channels, apparently it seems your only geared to a particular group audience. Even so with some social platforms you use that some of us don’t have. It’s been plenty of videos that I couldn’t access due to me not having a particular social media. So it is with a heavy heart that I must part ways and search for other youtubers. However I wish you and Christian nothing but the best!

  4. Morning Jordan! Did you know your lashes link has a different price then going to Amazon without the link? I used your link and for some reason I couldn’t get logged in, so I went to Amazon through the app on my phone bc it saves my password for me and the price was different. (??) I emailed Amazon bc I wanted to make sure you got credit but I didn’t know if u knew Amazon did that… love u lots!

  5. Hi Jordyn! My name is Sophie and I am about to be 14 years old 🙂 While watching this, I was so excited to hear you wanted to get back into music! I remember your singing videos you used to do and you are so good! I've been playing guitar for five years, and I would love to play some music with you! I do a lot of it on my Youtube channel as well as Facebook and Instagram, and it is really fun! 😀 I would love to hear back from you. 🙂

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