Why I Unfollowed Gary Vaynerchuck.. and you should too #garyvee

Two main points I want to bring up here:
1. Outgrowing a message
2. Wasting energy; knowing when the time is right to move on and use your energy more productively
Here’s an interesting article I found after filming the video while I was searching for a #garyvee pic:
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Jason 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Why I Unfollowed Gary Vaynerchuck.. and you should too #garyvee”

  1. I agree as well. Not that I am dismissing what Gary is and does, but I am actually drifting away from this idea of the eternal hustle. I have been reading an incredible book by Greg McKeown "The disciplined pursuit of less" (essentialism) which breaks down the myths our societies have developed around constant productivity and being "busy" for the sake of being busy. It's been a huge eye-opener on how I have been living my life vs. how I want to live my life. I think you are already there. Jason! Thanks for opening this conversation again, I am certain we will be seeing a shift in people's overall approach to life and work now that the "always be hustling" mantra has been so exhausted.

  2. I can relate to that. I also read hundreds of those books, tens of seminars and all that and genuinely grew to a point where it has become kind of natural to me. I'm not unsubing but, as you do, I truly do not consume as much anymore. I guess we go through growth phases and I know I will get back into it the day I get on the first step of my next growth phases since I'll find new messages in the same content. For now, I haven't been finding much. Like I'm between two meals… The day I outgrow this guys I might unsub, for now I keep them on the side. Thanks for taking the time to share your stuff, take care.

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