Why Gumroad is Better Than Paypal For Selling Digital Products | My 6 Month Review

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29 thoughts on “Why Gumroad is Better Than Paypal For Selling Digital Products | My 6 Month Review”

  1. Can you put video or audio samples of the product on the product landing page? Also, is their webpage where all your products are listed. This seems like it could be a powerful tool for me down the road here in the next few weeks. Thanks for the review!

  2. Gumroad's lack of customer support and inability to change the branding on the communication was reason enough for me to not use it. The pdf watermarking say gumroad on it. The line on customers credit card say gumroad. The email with digital products say gumroad. I asked support if this was the way it was or is there a different way to do it. I got a 3 line response. Maybe a good spot to start if you have nothing else but not what you want to represent a brand.

  3. I just set up my magazine subscription on Gumroad yesterday & finished up today. Trying to figure it out as the subscription thing is a little more complicated, but not too bad to figure out. At least their support emails you back! I used to run a direct response business, and made a killing at it. Gumroad is as close as I've found to my old revenue model, so I'm anxious to start driving traffic to it. (and yes, F*ck PPL)

  4. If you looked into the camera you would better connect with your audience. Now it looks like you are talking to somebody in your room that we don't see… who knows maybe you are, it just reminds me of talking to someone who's not all there.

  5. I don't know why anyone would prefer using Paypal, because there's no automatic set up for downloadable digital products through that route. You'd have to take payment and then send out the file to the customer. But on Gumroad that step is automated.

  6. One thing that pisses me off about gumroad is that they prohibit people from selling "services". For example, you can sell a website template but you couldn't sell a custom website. I find this to be really silly.

  7. the problem is you don't own the youtube channel Glendon.  They could shut it down at anytime and then all that traffic goes bye bye.  That is why I think the blog is still relevant to leverage your traffic off of youtube.

  8. Hi Glendon, I watched your video No More Ebay/No More Amazon and I'm going to take your advice. So I have some questions on how to set up payments on my future web site.
    1. Would you advise me to accept credit cards? if so how do I get that set up and started?
    2. Is money orders and cashier checks and (no personal checks) the best way to go?
    3. I think I will advertise my web site on Craig's List
    I've never done this before and I need to make some MONEY. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to your response. Thanks, Mark

  9. Paypal have the possibility to block your fund during a period of 6months without any justification and limit your account for an unlimited period of time because they are located in Luxembourg, that happened on one of my business account and in those case your only possibility is to sue them.

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