What you've all been waiting for…. Im ready.

Meet my boyfriend here: https://youtu.be/UpQekla9tcM
Watch a video In Spanish: https://youtu.be/iKs2Ko2M9-Y
My filming equipment/setup is all linked below as promised….

Camera I use: http://amzn.to/2srlUlL (Great for sit down videos & also vlogging)
Tripod (THE BEST EVER): http://amzn.to/2srdnzi
Lighting: http://amzn.to/2sqXpVK
Ring Light: http://amzn.to/2rj5Yi2
SD Card (Records in the highest quality): http://amzn.to/2rjoVRu

Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/JayJayWeezy
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/JayJaysBeauty
Snapchat: http://www.Snapchat.com/add/JayJayWeezy

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Staple products you see in my videos:
Resistance Bands (Great for pull up assistance + booty movements)
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40960 California Oaks Rd
PMB #323
Murrieta CA 92562


*This video is not sponsored. Everything shown was purchased by me or gifted as PR if mentioned.


34 thoughts on “What you've all been waiting for…. Im ready.”

  1. Im CRYING at all the comments; its overwhelming to see how many of you truly want the absolute best for my little man & I. I fucking love you guys. Your support is unreal; please please know even if I cant reply to each comment, how much I appreciate you. It gets me emotional that I haven't even met so many of you face to face, yet you are genuinely so happy for me & when good things happen in my life. I am so grateful for this platform & I LOVE YOU. Xoxo

  2. I wrote every thing down that I wanted in my life partner when I decided I was done dating for fun and wanted to date to find my husband and my husband is every thing I've ever dreamed of and more. I recommend doing that to any one who wants to get serious about finding a life partner. You want a move in ready not a fixed upper

  3. I really hope you see this comment. I had my first baby born at 25 weeks. When I went into labour they didn't know why and I've never found out why. He weighed 952 grams and was so tiny it broke my heart. He passed away at 8 days old due to too many complications. This was 17 years ago though so the medical field has improved so much and it's amazing what they can do now.
    I got pregnant 6 months later with my second and I was so scared. They monitored me really closely and I had steroid shots until I was 35weeks. My pregnancy went so well this time and I really felt different. I don't know if u felt funny with Christian during your pregnancy but I didn't realise until I was pregnant again. I just sort of felt at peace I really believe in mothers intuition. My second was born at 39 weeks (I knew I was having a c section.) I have since had 2 more kids with absolutely no complications whatsoever and they are now 16, 15 and 12. I am so glad I went back for more even though I was so scared at the time.
    Also I'm so happy you've found someone to share your life with. You deserve all the love in the world and I'm so glad you're happy. Xxx

  4. You a beautiful person i always enjoy your videos and i am a single mom too and omg dating its so hardbcuz of course my son come first and its hard men understand so i have hope i will find the one just like you did i wish you all the best you deserve it beautiful

  5. Just a little FYI; not that you don't know but I don't think I heard it o the video, but then again, I might have missed it. The fasting option is not only for a later time in the day. It can be for anytime. Like, I can eat in the a.m. hours and my last meal be in the early evening or late afternoon and then fast. The sleeping hours count as fasting also. I haven't done it but always thought that'd work best for me. So I don't have to think about food when I'm sleeping and can wait a few hours after I get up for my fasting to be done. That's all. LOL. Hugs.

  6. Do you have a say in how many ads are in your videos??? I'm trying to catch up on your channel lol, and girl!!! Cosentyx is out of hand!

    But congrats on the new mannn!!! <3

  7. y lo de grinja muchos lo dicen para ofender alas personas unas asi son de mala onda , es como cuando a uno le dicen los americanos mira ese o esa mojada que es que uno no es de aqui y no tiene uno sus papeles o la green card pero no les hagas cazo

  8. There's a 5 year difference between my sister and I and we couldn't be closer, and 12 between my other sister and I and we are super close too, so don't worry ❤️❤️

  9. my primary goal in life atm is to be 100% fluent in Spanish. Granted I'm I am only 18 so I do have more time, but I really want to know what I can do in order to become fully bilingual like you!!!

  10. You deserve true love hun! From one mom to another, wishing you all the best! You are very inspiring too, thinking of doing an over 40 Lifestyle channel. Love your vids. I just started this Beauty DIY video, I think you'd like it. Again, thanks for sharing with us fans. xoxo

  11. Girl I'm trying to learn spanish I date a puerto rican for many years now and I pick up on stuff but thats a good idea just have him speak to me in spanish I think i would HAVE to learn besetos mi amor !

  12. It took me 37 years to find my other half. I went through 2 bad relationships and one lasted four years. The other 13 years. I have four kids. I met my fiancee over a year ago and just like almost immediately fell in love with him and I continue to fall more in love with him everyday. My kids adore which is so important to me. We are getting married in the Fall. My favorite season. Its such a blessing. I'm so very happy for you xoxo

  13. Miss Jordan… take it from a true YouTube addict of Nicole Guerriero.. Who I love and have watched for years and still do.. That I have the same excitement and anticipation to see a new video, pic, post or anything (omg can't wait for your ebook) from you as I did when I first discovered Nicole's channel. I love, love, love your channel. You are your own person and that's what I love about you.. Never change. I'm not sure you know you have your own unique style and I see your amazing strides and unlimited potential.. What I'm trying to say is I love your channel! So happy for you…YouTube needs to know we love you!

  14. Jordan my kids are all 7 years apart. Daughter 28, son 20 and son 13. My kids are all really close. The 20 year old and 13 year old hang out all the time. They go to lunch together, plane spotting, gaming etc. Considering your age…I wouldn't worry about the age difference between your little man and a baby. If anything he will be very protective of the baby. My sister had 2 miscarriages and went on to have 2 perfect kids. Good luck

  15. So happy for you girl! I can't wait till the right one comes along for me ❤️I'm like you and have to keep my little love in mind and I hope to find someone who makes me as happy as you look!

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