What Kind Of Business Should I Start? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

What Kind Of Business Should I Start? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart http://www.Ameerrosic.com/growth

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What Kind Of Business Should You Start?

Do you have the drive, energy, and passion to make it as an entrepreneur. You may have examined your habits and abilities and discovered some of the key qualities that successful small business owners share. You’ve already worked out your life plan, and one of your clearest goals is to be an independent businessperson.

Now it’s time to answer one of the toughest questions and that question is: what kind of a business should you start? In order to answer this question, consider the following.

First things to do…
What are your passions?
Where are you a rockstar?
What would you do for free?
Is there a business that fits your passion?

I say follow Maslow Hierarchy of needs

Stick to the basics.

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22 thoughts on “What Kind Of Business Should I Start? It's Easy If You Do It Smart”

  1. I’m 17 and me and my friend are making $200 a day pressure washing but it’s a lot of hard work. I want to make $200 a day doing nothing. How do I scale out. And hire qualified people. And how much do I pay. I have so many questions

  2. Hello, I really liked your video. At the end you mentioned what's basically holding us back, personally mine is to find relevant contacts, people who I can cooperate with (Yes I know there are certain apps like Shapr that can help but not enough). Especially that I as an individual that don't come from a family that has any background in business (everyone's a doctor, engineer, etc.). I also recently graduated in UK, Masters in international business & management, however I'm looking forward to starting a business, perhaps relating to automotive (parts, tuning parts, modifications etc. Mansory eg.) Any help or suggestion on where I can start or how, would really appreciate it.

  3. 'Don't know if you're still collecting stories on this video, but I want to start a microbusiness, partly from need, partly from the desire to be my own overlord, no matter how funny my business looks to the Uber founders of the world. And I want to do something I enjoy.

    The biggest hurdle is realism, or the lack of it. Business is so much more complicated than it looks. I think you're on the right track in perhaps developing an information product which can test ideas in some kind of matrix or spreadsheet/app. You know, lots of people now-a-days think they can make a living by blogging, or making videos for YouTube. These are unrealistic choices for the vast majority, but the sales pitches never include the chances for success.

  4. As a data protection/privacy lawyer I see a market in serving clients only online via secure tools. This would enable to cowork accross jurisdictions and cut the costs as there's not really a lot of overhead. Idea is comparable to e.g. what Axiom law firm is doing, but concentrating only on the online service. However, finding the right clients interested in coworking only online via secure channels might be a risky shot – law is a quite a conservative field. I'm eagerly following the blockchain development and other technical solutions for the legal field, and can see some good and bad solutions for execution. So as an answer to your question, I guess this comes down to a combined fear/lack of confidence of being at the forefront of the field, which is still in it's infancy as the clients deserve the most secure solutions.

  5. I get excited about a project and I work hard on it for a few weeks. Then I lose faith in it, and realize that there's no way it would be sustainable or profitable, and I move on to the next project continuing the cycle.

  6. My biggest weakness in starting up my bussiness is my fear of that other people will judge me. maybe i should work more on the internet so i dont have too many real social interactions with people… My biggest streangth is that i can work sick fucking hard. and is pretty smart, so i easily see what is the best next move to do. and im very creative and artistic

  7. Mmm.. well I'm looking for the perfect vehicle but also looking into companies that are Selling but a lot of Business owners are unreasonable and A lot of them have a asking cost that is a lot higher than their actual cash Flow which is insane and they are like well next year we are expecting to see growth of approximately 20 to 30% but you can't base The purchasing cost of today based on a speculation on next year which might not even happen . So yea .

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