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What is webmail? It is a convenient way to access your email anywhere from any device. To get an email address visit https://www.godaddy.com/email-account.aspx?cvosrc=video.youtube_organic.us_how-to&cvo_creative=YtDXxbt-G5kisc=ythowto.

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In this video, you’ll learn what webmail, or web-based email is. To learn about email clients, watch the video: “What is an email client?”

All email travels over the Internet and is stored on email servers.
An email server can belong to a webmail provider, like Gmail; an Internet Service Provider, like Comcast; or a web hosting provider, like GoDaddy.

You can think of an email server like the post office, where your mail is collected and stored until it’s delivered to you.

Webmail and email clients are two ways you can send and receive email.

With webmail, your email is stored on your webmail provider’s email servers and remains there until you delete it.

To read or send email, you connect to the Internet and log into a website that provides access to your email account. When you use webmail, you’re directly accessing your email on your provider’s email servers.

Webmail is a powerful tool because it allows you to send and receive email from anywhere in the world, using any device, as long as you have an internet-connected web browser.

Popular webmail service providers include, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

While this incredible ease of access and flexibility makes webmail very appealing, it’s important to remember your email messages remain on your provider’s email servers, so you must be able to access their website, to access your email. If you don’t have Internet connectivity, or your provider’s servers go down, you may not be able to access your mail.

Think of webmail like a Post Office, or PO Box. With a PO Box, you rent a mail box at your local post office. The post office collects and keeps your mail safe, until you’re ready to retrieve it from your PO Box. However, if the post office is closed, you can’t access your PO box and you have to wait until it re-opens to retrieve your mail.

In addition, some webmail websites may not be able to provide some of the advanced features and functionality you get from using an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

So webmail or email client? Not sure which is right for you?

Some email solutions, like Office 365 email from GoDaddy, allow you to enjoy both the freedom of webmail access and the ability to utilize email clients like MS Outlook and Apple Mail; so if you’re not sure – you don’t have to choose.

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