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Ever wonder why some domain names cost so much more than others? The expensive ones are called premium domains, and there’s a reason behind their price tag. Learn more and buy your own premium domain name at https://www.godaddy.com/domains

Have you ever done a domain name search and seen one that costs way more than most?

Why so much? Because certain types of domain names are more likely to drive traffic to a website – they’re called Premium Domains.

Short, memorable, easy-to-spell names that end in a popular extension such as .com tend to be more valuable because many website owners want one – and there aren’t that many to be had.

Imagine you’re starting a new pet shop in Seattle. You’d want a relevant, easy to type domain name for your website that customers can find and remember, like SeattlePetShop.com.

If you searched for that domain name today on GoDaddy.com, you may find the asking price is $3000 because its current owner anticipates high demand.

If you want a domain name that may make it easier for customers to find your site and keep coming back, you may want to consider a Premium Domain. It could be a great way to keep your marketing spend to a minimum.


22 thoughts on “What Are Premium Domains? | Godaddy”

  1. Utterly absurd, they simply decide by themselves what to exploit….and where to make a fortune on it…They don't even hide it…so normalized is greed and exploitation today. This is today normalized and treated as: good business opportunities..

  2. The problem is that some of these are registered already, by sites like GoDaddy, or they are lapsed domains that saw traffic. These are then sold as premium. This is thus domain squatting. It should be illegal, as basically it was bought in anticipation, or kept on the registry as there was some interest somewhere along the line. #scam

  3. Ripping off scumbags! I remember your tv advert. So simple and cheap to go with GD. £1 for the domain of choice. What happened to you? I have been with you forever. Getting a decent domain has always been difficult, finding that catchy domain. Now all you get is taken, taken, taken, £4K, taken, taken, £8k, taken, taken. Why don’t you take yourdomain.online or yourdomain.info. You’re sucking the money out of the good public. I have been gradually moving away from you. I have banned you from calling me (that took some doing) and now I’m down to receiving 20 emails that my domains are expiring, 20 emails that my domains have expired and 20 emails that I can catch it before it goes into the abyss (you mean before you stick £10k on it). Get the message, I don’t want to work with you any more after 19 years! I searched techreach.com earlier. You appraise it at £8k, will lease it for £11k and renewal is £150K + £35 per year. At what point did you think ‘F@@@ those who have got us to where we are today?’. Scammers

  4. I once purchased a domain from the wonderful folks over at GoDaddy. I let it expire because I had no real plans with it at the time. Guess what GoDaddy is now charging for my so-called "premium" domain? $3000. Literally squatting on the domain that I once purchase for like $20/year.

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