VLOG TurkeyDay 11/23/17: Candy / Satans Toe / Sriracha / Launching Marketing Sphere / Net Neutrality

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VLOG TurkeyDay Thursday 11/23/17:
Spicy Candy / Satans Toe / Sriracha Gum
Launching An Online Marketing Sphere
Something About Net Neutrality




3 thoughts on “VLOG TurkeyDay 11/23/17: Candy / Satans Toe / Sriracha / Launching Marketing Sphere / Net Neutrality”

  1. You got there at last, Tom. Berkeley got a license early on before AT&T knew there was anything valuable in Unix. Ken Thompson took a sabbatical from Bell Labs to teach a semester at his alma mater, and got Berkeley licensed to use his pet project, Unix. But it was Bill Joy who created BSD.

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