VBAP 038 Video Strategist The new video Paradigm with Ben Amos

The production company landscape is evolving — from content creation to amplification strategy. In the past, clients only wanted to see a completed video; however, their expectations have changed in this era. They want to know how these videos can impact their business positively. They also want to translate these investments to sales and brand awareness. They are looking at ROI

In this episode, we have video strategists, Ben Amos share how he and his company were able to transform their production only offer, and add a heap of value on top. Ben has owned and operated a production business in Queensland, Australia for 12 years and the changing needs of the market drove this change. After six years of being in the production industry, he decided to expand his knowledge and enter the world of online video and marketing. Thus, the emergence of his video strategy company.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode
– Video production company vs. video strategy company
– Strategies to create videos which can produce high ROI
– The evolution of video production in 2019
– How many companies are now bypassing agencies
– The step-by-step strategic video plan—knowing the audience, determining the goals, and aligning appropriate content
– Understanding the different distribution channels online
– Focusing on the organic distribution of content as a first step
– Why a project-based strategy is going to leave you hungry

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