Using Google Analytics and AdWords for your Nonprofit's Website

You have a website, but that is only half the battle. In this webinar we will talk about using Google Analytics to track your visitors and Google AdWords to draw visitors to your site.

This webinar is presented by these fine individuals and with the assistance of LSC.

Talley Wells, Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc
Mark Sherman, Nehmedia, Inc
Jillian Theil, Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut
Brian Rowe, LSNTAP

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Some additional links to resources mentioned over the course of this webinar.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:37 What is Analytics
00:03:11 Project Background
00:07:23 Why Analytics for
00:08:16 Initial Launch
00:09:00 We want visitors and Members
00:10:42 Facebook Ads
00:12:09 Targeted Litigation Director Email
00:12:54 Google AdWords Ad Grant
00:13:26 Making Successful Ads?
00:15:03 Implementing Google Analytics
00:19:37 Perfect World vs Real World
00:23:08 Question, how to make an educational Call to Action
00:25:20 Step 1 – Identify Goals of Site
00:26:49 Step 2 – Integrate Goals into Site
00:28:26 Step 3 – Setup Analytics
00:30:18 Step 4 – Get Traffic
00:34:25 Google Ad Grant Program
00:36:57 Keyword planner
00:37:49 Opportunity for Free Legal Services
00:38:31 Organic Search Traffic
00:39:82 Step 5 – Measure Traffic &Goals
00:40:16 Definitions
00:41:58 Step 5 – Measure Traffic & Goals
00:50:42 Steps 6&7 Sample Goal Analysis/Rinse & Repeat
00:53:49 Adjust Design & Content
00:55:08 Partnering with an Expert
00:56:06 Pro Bono Net Support
01:00:30 Question – What does Analytics cost?
01:02:10 2015 LawHelp Analytics TIG with the Northwest Justice Project
01:03:30 Question, TOS and opt out
01:04:30 Question, Assigning monetary values to goals
01:05:51 Question, Thoughts on mouse tracking as part of analytics
01:07:17 Question, Average monthly usage for stateside websites
01:09:24 Question, Basic nuts and bolts for setting up Google Analytics
01:09:54 Question, distinguishing lawyer traffic from SRL traffic.
01:12:28 Question about using email addresses for AdWords
01:15:16 Question Use of surveys on public sites


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