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Disclosure: There is absolutely no guarantee of income. Some people make similar results, better results, or no results at all. I work hard every day to read, study and implement the methods shown in this course. This is a case study with video training showing you exactly the steps I take on a daily basis, or the person whose product I am showcasing, to achieve the successful sales seen on this page or in my marketing materials.  This training is for educational purposes alone, and not business advice. This training may also contain my affiliate link to a company’s training that I use every day. I get an affiliate commission if you purchase these courses through my link, but it doesn’t cost you one single penny extra to purchase through my link.  You should know that working online and the income that it has produced is the most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had. To be free to work from anywhere in the world with my laptop and an internet connection, when visiting my children and grandbabies is priceless to me. I wish you much success on your online business journey. Warmly, 🌻Kristie

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See this video at https://youtu.be/oK9eNlRzh4M
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Watch this video at https://youtu.be/k3PX9tpEwxk

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  1. Copyright? So, one of my worry points is copyright. I live near Disney and have 100's of ideas. I'm a teacher and want to make superteacher and other ideas. But, all of those things are copyright controlled. So, what have you learned about copyright?

  2. Hi, does anyone know why I wouldn’t get a drop down list when I hover my curser over the Etsy search bar. I tried from my tablet as well as my laptop and it only shows suggestions if I start to type in a letter.

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