True To Size Apparel, Innovative Uniform Company

True to Size Apparel is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this August 2014.

In 2010 True to Size Apparel distributed TEN TONS of catalogs (that’s a lot of paper) and spent over $150,000 in pay per click advertising.

In 2008 True to Size Apparel exhibited at both the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and at the International Restaurant Show in Chicago.

Our super shirt or stain resistant shirt video shows just how far we have gone to test technology enhanced fabric for our customers.

True to Size Apparel is the only clothing company to offer a membership reward program that discounts up to 83% off of their published retail price.

True to Size Apparel is the only clothing company to give away books that show business customers how to improve their own company’s productivity and profitability.

Innovation and tireless effort to earn your team or company’s business, we stand above the 120,000 embroidery firms in the United States and thank our wonderful customers for such a fine decade.

True to Size Apparel
4075 Aerial Way
Eugene, Oregon 97402


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