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Searching for your business on Google will display a lot more information that helps people find you locally. For example, your location on Google maps is displayed along with a link to directions, hours of operation, photos of your store that you have uploaded, and an interface to make appointments. Once you claim your business on Google My Business, you can customize your profile to attract customers and optimize SEO.

The Journey is what everyday entrepreneurs, like you, need to follow in the pursuit of online success! In this video, Morgan and Nealey give you their top tips for using Google My Business.

Let’s get started!


00:26 – What is Google My Business?
01:28 – Google My Business demo
03:23 – Claim your business listing
04:14 – Why you should set up a Google My Business account
05:08 – Google My Business Analytics
05:19 – How to start with Google My Business
05:38 – Optimize your profile

There are so many tools and services at your fingertips to help market your local business and engage customers in your area. If there is one Google tool that should be at the top of the list for local business, it is Google My Business.


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8 thoughts on “Top Tips for Google My Business”

  1. I have a question regarding Google My Business Data, I am little confused, What is the real Visitors who has visit the website or make any othe conversion, and what is the real impression?

    Here are the data what I got in my dashboard all for the same period 28 days:

    Views: 2032  (Searchviews: 817 | Mapviews: 1500)

    Searches: 1630 (direct:595 | discovery: 1003)

    Activity: 168 (Website visits 75 | Calls 66 | Photo views 0 | Direction requests 27)

    Insights: Total searches: 1627 (direct: 595 | discovery: 872 |  branded: 160)

    I see only Searches and Insights are similar, is that who has visit my site or make any conversion? If Yes what is Views and Activity?

    Can you please tell me a few words about this data (Views, Searches, Activity, Insights)

  2. Google reached out to me last year regarding my business. I was charged a one time fee of 350$ and had to do the verification process, but since then i have had my SEO analytics up across multiple fields, by a minimum of 70%!! I had 76 views last month! compared to this time last year, guestimating that's up 100%! Thanks.

  3. Hi, I have GMB set up for my business, however, when I search it does not always show up. Its shows up for certain keywords but if the keyword is written slightly different it does not. To explain, in the dog groomer example, if the search term is places for grooming my dog in Phoenix, will it still show up on the GMB? For my business it does not show if I change the words slightly. So my question is – do we need to setup GMB for each keyword? Coz I can't see a space in GMB profile where they ask various keywords applicable to my business.

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