Top 9 HOT SELLING Gigs to offer on Fiverr in 2019

In this video, we try to research and summarize Top 9 Hot Selling Gigs on Fiverr, also you can offer this services as a freelancer on other freelancing platforms like Upwork, Peopleperhour, Freelancer….
Here’s the Top 9 Hot Selling Gigs on Fiverr Video Summary:
1. Graphics Design

The internet is made up of Graphics, Contents and Videos.
So, no matter what type of graphics design you’re offering,
(be it Logo, Business card, Flyer…) you will still make sales

2. Social Media Marketing

Also known as SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing
content on social media networks in order to achieve marketing and branding goals.

3. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a
web page on search engine’s like Google, Bing, or Yahoo

4. Local Listings

local listing is a process of you helping business or company in submitting their details
in an online listing directories like, or

5. Web Traffic

With this gig, you can be helping companies in driving real
traffic to their website through social media or local advert

6. Articles & Blog Posts

Articles & Blog Posts is also a top and hot selling gig on Fiverr,
so if you’re very good at writing with excellent grammars, you can give it a trial!

7. Resumes & Cover Letters

This is also like “Articles & Blog Posts”, but in this case you’re mainly
focusing on writing or rewriting Companies or Individuals Resumes & CV

8. Whiteboard Animation

Right now! This niche is very hot as I’m also offering this service.
Their are many seller offer 60 seconds for $300+ in the whiteboard animation niche

9. Video Editing

Video Editing is another top selling niche which is not too hard to learn,
it just involves cutting clips, Coloring, and mixing different
videos together into a single clips.

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