Tips To Manage Your Craft Inventory

How you can easily manage your craft inventory so that you always know what you have on hand any time. No more counting, not knowing if you have enough parts to finish that final piece. Keep track of anything from small parts, weights, volumes and sizes. To find out more visit us at


2 thoughts on “Tips To Manage Your Craft Inventory”

  1. Hi, loving the program so far! When a person has entered in many different types of items, i.e. Metal Charms, Bicone Beads, Leather Cording, Gemstones, etc. is there a way to bring up all the items under a particular category. Can I look up all my gemstones lumped together on one page instead of having to scroll through my inventory trying to sift through all the different category’s to find one particular item. For example. If I want to find my 8 mm Natural Zebra Jasper Gemstone Round Beads can I bring up only all my gemstones so I can find the zebra jasper faster than scrolling through pages and pages of my inventory list? Thanks

  2. There's no way I'm going to keep an inventory of my beads! But I want something that will help me manage my finished items for sale, and craft fair info, list of vendors looks helpful too.

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