The Power of Decision

The Power of Decision – I’m sharing something really personal on BernadetteTV – because I think it can help YOU make a transformation. Whether it’s Relationships, Money, Business or your Weight – you have the power of decision. ** SUBSCRIBE for More Videos Here

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21 thoughts on “The Power of Decision”

  1. Thanks bernadette, I have been learning something or other with the thought of doing something for myself, Never put into practice all that i learnt and soon lost interest . Am known for, That will learn and leave it all to not further it. Now i realise had never made a "Decision", Hence all just vanished.

  2. bernadette!!
    you have impacted my life greatly!!you are awesome! i have 2 beautiful daughters!! one is thin, and the other is overweight… the overweight daughter is the successful one right now. weight beears no weight on success!!

  3. You do look great Bernadette. Congratulations. My struggles are around money and business.  I've been 'trying' with both for a long time, and made a decision today to 'do'.  Thank you. Carol

  4. You have not revealed your diet though…however, why don't you just eat properly and all will be back to normal. Now, by eating properly I mean – cunsuming raw vegetable products mostly. It will give you better and faster results. 

  5. Hi Bernadette, Often people make judgement on the size of your body to how bright or smart you really are, good on you for sharing and truly helping others like me, you have inspired me to continue on my journey both in business and in weight loss….

  6. Thank you Bernadette, great video as always. And you still look gorgeous (you always have). I would be interested in hearing how you arrived at this insight, was there a process leading up to it?

  7. Brilliant advice Bernadette. Have to admit I'd not been watching your channel for a while – more fool me! You're an inspiration. I've been working on a long term project that will make a real difference drawing on the legacy of the suffragettes but over the summer became overwhelmed by it. This video came at exactly the right time. Made that decision. Thank you & keep up the great work! 

  8. Thanks for sharing Bernadette, you are looking great! (I was seeing the difference in your videos.) And yes it is so true, having just made a 'decision' about an area of my business last month I am still amazed to see how all the help and answers start to turn up. 🙂

  9. Brilliant as always Bernadette – I love this message and you look absolutely stunning!!  And I'm so glad I made the decision to win the Expert Authority Challenge last week so that I would get the opportunity to do your programme – can't wait!! (actually, I made the decision 4 weeks ago but, like your example, it took the time for reality to catch up with the decision!)

  10. I so agree with this, it's like when you decide, you're telling the universe it will be sorted and so ideas pop into your head on how you can do it, or circumstnaces conspire to make it happen, and I've noticed things just go smoothly from then on! :O)

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