The Launch Of My Death Candy Coffin Wallet! | Avelina De Moray

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Here’s my launch video for the Death Candy Coffin Wallet! I’m so proud of this baby! Let me know what you think of this in the comments and please order it!

I do have Layby & Afterpay available at my Online Store.


Length: 25cm
Depth: 3cm

Outer Material: Faux leather
Interior: Hot pink velvet & glitter PU Patent.

Coffin shaped mirror
9 Card slots & 1 photo ID.
Comes with removable handle strap.
Velvet border detail on front & back.
Crescent moon zipper pull.
Front & back metallic silver printing
“DeathCandy by Avelina De Moray” on spine
Large zippered divider (featuring a second smaller zipper section for coins)
Large enough to fit an Iphone 8Plus or Samsung Galaxy.
100% Vegan friendly.
Weight: 350 grams

DeathCandy will receive 25% profit from each bag sold.

Note: this product will be manufactured once we’ve reached 50 pre-orders. Therefore, this product will not ship immediately. We estimate that this item will ship 8-12 weeks after our pre-order quota has been met.

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24 thoughts on “The Launch Of My Death Candy Coffin Wallet! | Avelina De Moray”

  1. Has the green one in production yet? I wouldn't mind purchasing one for my partner. I 1000% agree with the no faux followers rule. My partner makes jewellery and she is working her bum off to get followers as well. She has been contacted by a few and she gets very annoyed lol.

  2. Unlike most I really like the pink and originally ordered the wallet when the glittery pink photos were present, but now the promotional photos show black card slots instead of the glittery pink. Will I receive a wallet with the glittery pink slots I originally ordered?? Thank you if you see this~

  3. I love all of your collaborations!!! I'm not sure which is my favorite there is so much diversity in them!! I hope you do a post or video soon about upcoming collaborations!! So excited to see who is next!

  4. Though hot pink is not really my thing, I love the idea of a coffin shaped wallet. Could definitely see it with a basic rose on the front and green lining. So thrilled to see you getting 'odd-shaped' wallets designed and made.

  5. Vegan-friendly doesn't mean environmentally friendly. It's plastic. Pleather is plastic, which is the biggest source of landfill fodder, and is choking our oceans. It's made from petroleum, id id est, fossil fuels.

    Please seek sustainable alternatives to pleather.

  6. I looooooooooove this. Are you going to be making this available with colors other than pink, or just keep it this color palette? I'm not the biggest pink fan but any other color I'd buy in a heartbeat because this piece is just SO. STUNNING.

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