The Hidden Money In Your Business | Part 1 | Bernadette Doyle

This episode is the first of 4 covering the topic of finding the hidden money in your business. We often think we have to look elsewhere for the business breakthroughs but this series shows how you can start from where you are.

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1 thought on “The Hidden Money In Your Business | Part 1 | Bernadette Doyle”

  1. The original story about diamonds, sounds similar to the Prodigal son. At a bit of a tangent… but my thoughts Time moves on technology changes, fashion changes, but the core human values and human nature stays the same, so the basic result is the same. Technology improves we invent plastic we use plastic in bottles, but we still have a throw away mentality / lazy quick fix so the problem remains and the result is actually worse for the environment. The same with weapons advancing to nuclear bombs etc. The human nature that drive it is the same, greed.jealousy, control. The technology, just created a worse scenario for the planet. The same can be applied to business. All the advancement in technology, social media, internet has meant it's easier in many respects but in business you are still looking for the advantage over the rest of the market so the result is the same because everyone generally has access to the tech at the same time.. And, back to what you were saying, at the end of the day you are still working with what you have, in terms of your assets including technology and yourself. I think your personal attitudes/core values will make the biggest difference to the outcome .

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