The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough & How to Overcome Fear of Failure.

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25 thoughts on “The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough”

  1. My gift is that I can become whoever I want, I can do everything I want, and I can improve myself all the time, but in order to get this, I have to accept myself exactly as I am now, and love myself a 100% Thanks for the video 🙂

  2. My biggest fear is that I'l fail, and that I'm out of my depth. When I'm with clients and tell them my background they are completely overwhelmed and impressed, so why can't I keep that feel that I am great at what I do? x

  3. I have the gift of being able to teach and help others achieve great things much more than I am able to learn and achieve myself.

    I fear and lock myself up by feeling that because i dont learn as quickly, cant do as quickly or as well, that I'm a failure who will ever only watch others soar as I stay perched on the ground. Helping everyone achieve what I wish I could too…

  4. I have been watching several of your video's and love them! I find myself being so engaged and watching everything you do or say. I have to admit that although your content is awesome, I love the accents, of both you and your producer. Actually, I am the one with the accent since I live in the US.  Stay beautiful, smart and creative and I will continue to watch!

  5. Wow! This went right through the "I'm not good enough" shell and straight to the "I'm more than enough" light inside the shell. I've been hiding behind everything you mentioned – the website, the marketing – then getting more qualifications so I would be good enough but I still didn't feel I was. Thank you.

  6. Great video, Bernadette! The deeper truth about me is that I AM powerful and I DO make a difference. And I know that. I'm a great life coach, I already make a difference to people who don't pay me. It's been the thought of whether I'll be worth being paid, and how much. So I'm up for shifting my vibration around money – have you done a vid on that? Thanks. Ray

  7. Thanks for sharing this inspiring truth.  My fear of not being good enough, i.e. being afraid to make mistakes, has kept me from getting myself and my business off the ground.  Good food for thought and very helpful to me as I move closer to shining my light a little brighter.

  8. Hi Bernadette. I love that … "Align with the deeper truth about yourself." When we focus on analysing, it only makes us feel more unworthy because what we focus on expands. By the way … did we meet in London in 2005/6 in the aircraft hanger when Jerry Clarke spoke (Excel Centre I believe) and you were one of the speakers? 

  9. Analysis is an essential process of learning better ways of doing things and learning from mistakes. We need to learn the ability to forgive ourselves and others for not being perfect so we can move forward, we also need to be grateful of the unique gifts we have been given for our purpose, but not envious of the gifts that others have been given for theirs. 

  10. I love that quote by Marianne Williamson, I saw her speak in London last week – her messages are popping up all over the place 🙂 Resonate strongly with this, and its given me lots to think about. Thank you.

  11. I've loved Bernadette, unfortunately hearing a quote by new-age prophetess/guru, Marianne Williamson, I can not longer recommend Bernadette TV to my friends & associates.

  12. The deeper truth about myself is that I am worthy – worthier than I have ever allowed myself to believe as I have immense power inside of me with a powerful message that it is time to spread. All I have to do is believe in ME! Thanks!

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