The best information for building business is Free…

When you start learning about growing your business or optimizing your marketing, you’ll very likely come across a lot of sales pitches, special offers, limited time deals to get some awesome “must have” formula or strategy to get you to a 6-figure business.

Before you buy another one of those Training Programs or Online Courses… or sign up for another monthly Membership to get knowledge or training… know this important fact:

Most of that knowledge can be found online. For free. Or much cheaper than what you’re being sold.

This is what Google and others have done.

Online search engines specialize in prioritizing the best information and knowledge and putting them at the top of your search results. How they do it is they take the “voting” of many, many people’s clicks and shares. What others are finding valuable and engaging, search engines put at the top.

Whatever you are trying to learn, find the information on Google first. There are dozens (maybe thousands) of excellent *free* articles on just the information you need. As you read more, you’ll learn to search smarter. And the less you’ll need to buy information/training.

(If you’re going to spend money, it’s more effective to spend it on 1-1, personal coaching/mentoring/consulting/research. Not only do you get *curated* information that way, you also get accountability, customized support, and a person who cares about specifically helping you move forward.)

Here are my tips for searching:

To find free video training or “how to” tutorials about business and marketing, use Youtube! How to do that well:

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, the next place is to ask in our free Facebook group:

Lastly, you can pay someone $5 to $15 — someone who specializes in internet research — to find the answers for you: …and here’s my free video showing how I use that tool:

When it comes to learning business & marketing, check out my complete knowledge archives which I give away for free :

The reason I do this is to raise the playing field.

To those who want to charge for business/marketing information products, you are being called to step up your game, and make it truly better than what’s out there for free 🙂


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