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The Art of Choosing Hindi | the art of choosing by sheena iyengar | How to Choose Best Option | Sarvashreshth Vikalp Kaise Chune | Best Option Kaise Chune |Storyshala|
How to Choose Best Option | Sarvashreshth Vikalp Kaise Chune | Best Option Kaise Chune | Storyshala | सर्वश्रेष्ठ विकल्प कैसे चुनें The Art of Choosing extensively covers the scientific research made about human decision making, showing you what affects how you make choices, how the consequences of those choices affect you, as well as how you can adapt to these circumstances to make better decisions in the future.
Sheena Iyengar thinks learning how to make choices is more important today than ever. She’s one of the world’s most prominent researchers in this field and conductor of the famous jam study, in which shoppers could sample either 6 or 24 different varieties of jam at a grocery store, which led to six times more purchases when less jams were available.
Here are my three favourite lessons, one from each category:
• How much choice you need is up to you to find out, but very important.
• Having some choice is so important that even just thinking you do helps.
• There are situations when it’s better for us not to choose ourselves, if the choice is communicated well to us.
You can also learn the following lessons from this video:
Lesson 1: You must find out how much choice you personally need, something that heavily depends on culture, for example
Lesson 2: Some choice is better than none, and even the illusion of it makes us happier.
Lesson 3: Sometimes it’s better to have others choose for you, but only if you’re properly informed

The two systems that determine our choices, Why our rules of thumb are often flawed, What kinds of choices we want to make – unique, but not too much, How the selective attention effect influences us without us even noticing, Why our gut feelings are miserable decision advisors, How we often change our mind in hindsight without realizing it, Why limited options make it easier to decide, How to make yourself a better decision maker

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