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Ads used to be a popular and highly recommended way to monetize a blog, but today they are not.

Bloggers today use many other monetization methods and it looks like ads are going the way of the dinosaur.

The main reason for the shift away from ads is that in order to make money with them, you need a massive readership. It’s a numbers game that requires a great deal of new traffic.

Bloggers today focus on quality over quantity. Many blogs have a smaller but more highly-focused and active readership. These readers aren’t likely to click on ads.

To build massive search engine traffic takes a great deal of work up front before it starts producing results. Ads don’t generally produce a great deal of money, so this work is just not worth it for most bloggers, especially considering easier and more time-effective alternatives.

Another reason is that ads are simply ugly. They stand out from your content and readers today have learned to recognize them. In years past, they blended in and looked like part of the blog, but today virtually everyone using the internet knows what ads are and ignores them.

Ads are now generally considered to be nothing but a distraction.

Rather than earning you money, ads can actually interfere with your blogging goals. Today, bloggers are focused on building a relationship with readers and getting engagement. When you plaster ads all over your website, it makes you look like you’re in it for the money. Some people see it as sleazy.

Alternatives to ads for monetizing blogs include affiliate marketing, selling products directly through your website, or blogging for money. These are the preferred methods for monetizing blogs today.

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