STYLING TIPS FOR SMALL BOOBS | How to Flatter Your Figure

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21 thoughts on “STYLING TIPS FOR SMALL BOOBS | How to Flatter Your Figure”

  1. I need this but i think whatever our boobs size we should be confident bc we all are unique in our own ways. If a man doesn't appreciate or doesn't like you just bc of the size of your boobs then he is a pricks and not worth it.

  2. At the end of the day we still FEEL flat-chested, and we need to wear something that makes us feel less flat-chested. To myself – I'm just me. Not flat-chested me :). I honestly feel that way only because I'm worried what other people will say or think. That is so superficial of me. Being judged by other people because of this one physical trait is the same as being judged for not having a perfect nose, or being overweight or having acne or whatever. People judge, and that's a fact of life. I should deal with it once and for all. And it's not like I'm 15.

  3. You're so gorgeous <3! I was really embarassed bc of my small chest when I was younger but atm I think I'm almost as confident as you are 😀
    The best thing about flat chests is that no matter what you wear it never looks "indecent" and everything stays in place haha

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