Stream Your Videos From Dropbox

This is a tutorial that will allow you to stream your videos from Dropbox on your WordPress powered website. Using Dropbox and WordPress you can host your videos on Dropbox and take the load off your website to stream the videos inline on your wordpress website.

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14 thoughts on “Stream Your Videos From Dropbox”

  1. I just created my Dropbox account today. However, my understanding is Dropbox no longer has a Public folder. They have discontinued it. I think all folders will be "public" (unless otherwise noted in the settings). But I am not sure of that. Any thoughts.

  2. That's very simple. You do the right click on your dropbox video file and select "Share link". The public link will be created and placed into clipboard. Share this link with your friends (e.g via e-mail) to gain access to your file from anywhere.

  3. I've got a problem : its working, but my video has 1,5GB, and its trying first to copy to temporary cash, and then after half an hour it starts to play

    isnt there any other streaming possibility?

  4. hello. i have been trying to do this for the past few hours now but i keep getting the same error message (file not found). To the best of my knowledge I have been following your instructions exactly. Is there a fix for this?

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