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Me answering the Starving Artist Tag from a non-traditional watercolor artist. It’s a chat video where I share a little bit more of a background on how I became an artist, why watercolors are my favourite, and advice to those starting out.

People mentioned in the video:
+ My lovely creative coach Jamie Ridler
+ Sadie Saves the Day
+ Van Gogh
+ Alexander McQueen
+ Egon Schiele
+ JoLoMo
+ Scott Naismith

The Starving Artist Tag questions are:
1. What’s your favorite experience as an artist? 
2. What’s your least favorite experience as an artist?
3. What are your dreams/goals for your art?
4. Whats your favorite medium and why?
5. What inspired you to do art/why do you love it?
6. What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made and why is it special?
7. Who/what are your biggest art influences?
8. What have you learnt from being a full time artist?
9. What do your family and friends think about you being an artist?
10. Was becoming an artist your childhood dream? If not what was?
11. What advice can you can give to people who want to be more artistic or creative?
12. Were you supported to pursue art as a child?
13. Do you make money off your art?
14. What do you want to improve on/aspire to be with your future art?
15. What feelings do you try to express in your art?
16. What is your favorite thing to paint and why?
17. What’s the strangest thing you’ve painted?
18. Have you ever been hung up after you started a commission, and how did you handle it?
19. Do you admit that paint smells good?
20. What would you tell your younger self?
These tags were created by YouTubers:
Lena Danya
Mira Byler
Tina Yu
Happy Dee
Katherine Ward

Music: Chill Day by Lakey Inspired

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15 thoughts on “Starving Artist Tag Chat | Watercolors | Painter | Creative life”

  1. Wow!! What an inspiration to hear you talk about your mental health in such and open way while also showing how much you know yourself to have manage to find an outlet for all those feelings to keep them at bay!! I’ve yet to make myself disciplined enough to get up and going when I have to and only have mild depression feelings every once in a while, but you’ve just kicked me in the butt with your strength and made me realize I need to try harder. Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad I found you through Eve!!

  2. Just got to know your channel, but I'm already in love with it! Your sound so nice and friendly. Your doing a great work, please continue posting and talking to us! I really related to the introvert part, and social media is also helping me very much with that. And I'm really glad to see that is the case with other people as well. Hope you have fun and grow with your channel o/

  3. I looooooved it when you said that "…art has been the best thing for your bipolar and your life because it has given you a way to direct the energies of mania and depression and put them somewhere else that is not destructive or at least not destructive to your life…" I think A LOT of people will be able to relate to this – myself included – practicing art is a great way to release tumultuous energies, thus allowing you to move on and not allowing them to hang around…

  4. Wow Oto, what a beautiful video, beautiful message, beautiful woman! I admire your courage and really enjoyed this a lot. I was reeeeeaaaalllly hoping that Jazz might make her debut, but I will remain hopeful. Bravo!!!! Xx

  5. Oh my gosh, Oto, I relate to you so much! I've been pushed to become "Ms. Successful" and all the while I knew deep down inside it wasn't my favorite thing to do! I've become so many things, 911 Dispatcher, Corrections Officer, Phlebotomist, Cosmetologist, Retail Store Manager, Oil Painter, on and on, blah blah blah! All the while I wasn't happy deep down. I've loved art forever and the art I created didn't do it for me…UNTIL….I just found watercolor this last year and my heart and soul are like YEAH!!! THIS IS IT!!! I fight depression and it helps me process it all. I've decided who cares if others don't like what I do, other people do, so I do what I love and what drives me to get up each morning. I'm different too, and I've constantly been put down, made fun of, etc., but now I don't care. It took years and 3 years of counseling to get past all of the hurt and anger. I've been abused and it was a direct result of my family not teaching nor guiding me, and was always told sit down and be quiet. Stifled, constantly stifled!! Thanks for bearing your soul and just getting it all out! I'm proud of ya! I've just found your channel recently but I've loved it since! Please teach us about the business side of art, things we need to know about Square Space, orders, printing and selling your art, etc. You have so much to offer us! You keep being you! Be inspired by people out here in YouTube world who share your passions! You are perfect the way you are!! Hugz, Tree

  6. I loved that you touched on how hard starting an art business is. I went directly from graduating with my masters in a different field (psychology) to starting my art business and there are a lot more difficulties I never expected but it has all been so rewarding ^_^

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