Spilling the TEA: Shady Brands/Sponsorships/Cheating | TEA TIME #7

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17 thoughts on “Spilling the TEA: Shady Brands/Sponsorships/Cheating | TEA TIME #7”

  1. I absolutely love what you said at the end that “I don’t entertain anybody because I would rather spend my time with Christian” and I thought that was just such a humble, positive, mature response. Not all single moms get that. They want to date around and try to find someone to take the load off of them so they don’t have to juggle everything and their kid. And I just love that you said that. I’m not a single mom I’m married with a son and a step daughter but I just loved that line

  2. Tinder is SO hit or miss. I literally went on some of the WORST dates and heard even worse pickup lines. But I also met my best friend and love of my life on a whim on tinder.

  3. Really just love how open and honest you are. Exactly why you’ve become one of my favorite youtubers to watch! Not trying to put on an act, just always keeping it real ❤️

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