Solihome, 1st Real Estate Social Network

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Solihome is a free listings website open to individuals and real estate professionals that offers more than the average listing websites – as it includes all the characteristics of a social network.

— Solihome is Global —

Change markets in one click and search for properties in multiple countries. Moving overseas has never been easier.

— Solihome is Local —

Thanks to Solihome’ search engine and innovative display, you no longer have to go through the time consuming effort of finding information on a street or neighborhood. Solihome will show and teach you all that you need to know about a certain area surrounding a property.

— Solihome is Fair —

Solihome has established partnerships with associations involved in projects for ecological sustainability and reforestation and in the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. When you publish a listing on Solihome, we will plant a tree! If you use the help of one of our business partners, we will sponsor the education of a needy child !

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