Social Media Caring via Facebook Friend Lists


Here is how to do “social media caring” in a few minutes a day or week, and send a ripple of appreciation/gratitude throughout your network!

It feels good when someone “likes” your post on Facebook, right?

Do the same to others — especially those within your circle of influence:

Your clients
Your closest colleagues
Your real life friends & family
Your biggest fans

The benefits:

* It gives your people a sense that they are “seen” and cared for.

* It strengthens your bond with them, in your heart and in theirs.

* When you do this with your Ideal Clients or your biggest Fans, you hone your intuition of what they care about — what content they share — which improves your sense of what content you should create if you want to reach more people like them.

In this short video I show you how to do this with Facebook Friend Lists, with a focus on your Clients.

In summary:

1. Add your clients as Facebook friends.

2. Create a Friend List of your clients. To create friend lists, go to and click Create List.

Note: Facebook keeps this private — nobody will know that you’ve created a friend list or whom you put in it, so don’t worry.

3. Go back to and click the gear icon next to the List you’ve created, and select “Add to favorites” … this will add it to your left navigation bar, so you can easily access it in the future.

4. Now, whenever you come to Facebook, instead of reading random postings that FB serves up to you, click on the List you want to “care” for and do more mindful reading, and liking, and commenting! 🙂

Imagine if everyone did this for their own circle of influence! Everyone on social media would feel more cared for… a happier world.


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