Should You Post Videos To Instagram? How To Decide for Your Business Marketing

Wondering if you should post videos to Instagram? In this video we tell you how to decide for your business marketing. Need assistance creating videos? We’re here to help-

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As a business owner and entrepreneur you need to spend your time wisely. Obviously you should post all your videos to YouTube, however should you post your videos to Instagram? Well, maybe. Instagram is a great platform to use if you’re a BtoC business marketing primarily to the 18-35 year old demographic. Yes, the demographic is starting to spread above 35, however it’s still primarily a younger, more millennial platform. At the time of this video post, Instagram still only allows videos to be 1 minute or less, which honestly is plenty of time to get your message across, especially to a young audience who has grown up with :15 second ads. If you feel you need more time you may want to invest some time in the InstagramTV platform. Here your videos can be up to one hour however the video must be in a vertical 1080 by 1920 aspect ratio. This can be easily done if you use your phone to record video or the new GoPro, however can make it hard to leverage the same vertical video on other platforms. Our suggestions are to create horizontal content and edit for vertical, or create unique vertical content that you’re only posting to InstagramTV.

At Financial Potion we provide high quality videos for the price conscience entrepreneur. Based in Arizona, we’re a full service video marketing company. From thought to distribution we’ll help you craft your script, film and set up your YouTube channel.

Video marketing is extremely valuable for your business so we ensure your video isn’t going to collect digital dust and will be in front of your contacts. We provide training as well as free videos here on this channel so make sure to subscribe.

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