Should You Post Videos to Facebook? How To Decide for Business Marketing

Should you post your videos to Facebook? See how to decide for your business marketing plans. Need help creating quality videos? Connect with us-

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As a business owner and entrepreneur you need to spend your time wisely. Obviously you should post all your videos to YouTube, however should you post your videos to Facebook? Well, maybe. Facebook is great for both BtoB (Business to Business) and BtoC (Business to Consumer) organizations who want to market to people in the 35-65 year old demographic. Facebook is where people, in my opinion, waste a lot of time, so some of that time should be spent on looking at your videos. A key statistic to remember is that 80% of the people on Facebook are watching the videos on silent so you want to make sure your videos are heavy with text graphics and, or at least have the close captions hard coded on the video.

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