Setting Up Your Brand in Sendy

This video is for people who are just trying to figure out how to setup Sendy. I give the podcast shows that I feature their own email marketing account so it’s a 2-fold video.

I used a template from Send With Us, and I simply Googled “Free Open Source Email Templates” and I really liked how they set up their templates which help keep brand consistently.

Here is the link to them:

I plan on doing more in the series of Sendy videos and if you want to pick up Sendy here is the link with my affiliate code:

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5 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Brand in Sendy”

  1. Thanks for the videos. I have a large list I'm trying not to pay a fortune for. Are you still using Sendy? Does it have the capability to isolate non-openers so a campaign can be resent? And where did you end up getting your email templates?

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