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This video shows how to set up parental controls for YouTube app on your iPhone XS. Installing YouTube Kids, Turn on YouTube Restricted Mode, sharing same Google ID etc. 3 best ways explained here to make YouTube safer for your beloved kids.

YouTube is a great platform to learn new things, but at the same time, there are things which can be very harmful to kids. If you are a parent and worried about your childs YouTube activities, you can #Set_YouTube_Parental_Controls on your #iPhone_XS so that your Kids don’t see anything which is not appropriate for them. So, follow the below 3 ways step by step and do it with ease.

**1st Way: Download YouTube Kids App

1st Step: Go to “App Store”

2nd Step: Search for “YouTube Kids” and install the app

4th Step: Open it and tap “get started”

6th Step: Answer verifying question

7th Step: Tap Next arrow twice

8th Step: Select if you want the “search on or off”

9th Step: Now you can give it to your kids and they can watch their age-appropriate contents here

10th Step: If the search is on they also search for the contents they like

11th Step: Tap on the lock icon to access settings and timer

12th Step: You can make sure your kids only use it for the allotted time on it, by using the timer.

13th Step: After the time is up the app will be closed

You are all set. You can now let your kids use YouTube Kids app without any concern for the age-inappropriate videos.

**2nd Way: Turn on Restricted Mode on YouTube app

1st Step: Open “YouTube” app

2nd Step: Tap on your “Profile” icon

3rd Step: Tap “Settings”

4th Step: Toggle on “Restricted mode”

And now you won’t get inappropriate contents in YouTube on your iPhone XS

**3rd Way: Share the Same Google ID

1st Step: Log in to YouTube with the email address you have access to and let your kids use YouTube

2nd Step: Regularly check on the YouTube watch history and search history to keep track of your kid’s activity on YouTube
These are the ways to control and monitor YouTube usage for the kids. But these are options we think is convenient, easy and effective to make sure your kids will be safe on YouTube on your iPhone XS.

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