Ricky Porco: Types of Entrepreneurs

At Economics For Entrepreneurs (Mises.org/EntrePod), we believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur, should they choose to do so. It may take you some time to find exactly your best niche, and a few experiments may be in order. The right mindset, we propose, is to pursue your entrepreneurial goal with belief and commitment, while being sufficiently adaptive to make some adjustments along the path when new information and new learning becomes available.

This week we speak with Ricky Porco, a young CEO who already has several entrepreneurial experiences to his name. He’s been co-founder of an innovative community-building platform, and of a software development company. He’s also been a marketing, sales, and do-it-all guy at a digital marketing agency; and now he runs a service company to help small businesses make the transition from paper to digital — that is, he’s an entrepreneur who supports entrepreneurs.

Show Notes: https://mises.org/library/ricky-porco-types-entrepreneurs

8 Attributes of Austrian Entrepreneurs (PDF): https://Mises.org/E4E_06_PDF

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