Reselling Mens Clothing Weekly Ebay Sales Update 02.18.18 – 02.24.18

In this LIVE broadcast and replay I will be reviewing my weekly sales results from Ebay Reselling of Mens Clothing. For 02.18.2018 through 02.24.2018, sales were pretty good! There is always a live chat during these videos where I will discuss various topics with viewers and answer questions if I can.

Jim Butler has been reselling mens clothing since 2014. He covers Thrift Hauls, What Sold On Ebay, and tons of FREE tips on how to resell mens clothing. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more daily content.

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8 thoughts on “Reselling Mens Clothing Weekly Ebay Sales Update 02.18.18 – 02.24.18”

  1. Jim. Another seller handles cancellations in a unique way. If she can't find an item she messages the buyer asking if they would accept a substituted item. When the buyer says no she asks if the buyer would like to cancel. Buyer says yes and the sale is cancelled at the buyers request. She does not get a defect. This sounds too simple but she should know with almost 20 years experience on ebay. I recently had 10 packages go missing at the USPS. Tracking shows acceptance on February 22nd and nothing since. They were all in poly mailers. The 5 boxes I shipped the same day were all delivered a few days ago. I have contacted all of the buyers. I may have to refund all of them if we can't locate these packages. This is weird to have 10 fall into a black hole at the same time. Mike

  2. Oh Jim~houndstooth has a ginormous following, it's crazy. The fact that you sold 3 or 4 pieces of it, in March no less, certainly reminds me of that fact! Actually, I have a ladie's HT trenchcoat myself, classic red satin lining, even came w/a matching fedora type hat-very British nanny look=) But I feel you on most of it~my rule is, if it hurts my eyes, makes me dizzy to look at, I cannot wear it. But of course I will sell it. Oh yes. I think I'm going to dig out my nanny coat and list that puppy toot sweet-or is it 'tooth sweet'? Har-har- Ok, all done w/dorkdom for today…have an awesome evening & thank you, as always, for sharing your hits & misses. Valueable, relevant, appreciated. ~Sam in AZ

  3. Jim I am freaking out just thinking of a customer returning my item damaged or without the new tags. I am finding a few new with tag items. Do we as sellers have any protection in such situations? Have you have that happened to you. I would like for you to put a video out regarding this if possible.

  4. found a jacket in the blazer section looked it up and bought it and left the store right then , lmao i was tired and it was a great find, i paid 2.50 for a 300-400 boutique jacket hand-woven wearable fiber art

  5. You might have the best solution for crisp clothes. I wonder if you could push your clothing rack into the bathroom after a shower to sort of steam the clothes?

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