RELATIONSHIP TALK: putting in effort, compromising, and being consistent

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m back with Aston in another video, we’re gonna be talking about being in a relationship.

If you need any type of advice no matter what it is feel free to email me ( and I’ll make a video giving you my take on it/advice. If you want to be anonymous, let me know.



3 thoughts on “RELATIONSHIP TALK: putting in effort, compromising, and being consistent”

  1. Lmaoooo I am dead ass laughing when you said if you text someone you're hungry that means to bring you food. I get what you're saying, but I think the person gotta know you for a min to understand that. lmao cause I would cut someone off if they didn't take that as a hint for us to grab food, but I don't believethey be knowing.

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