Reacting To Pitti Uomo Street Style | Pitti Uomo 95

Pitti Uomo, which occurs biannually in Florence, Italy, is one of the world’s premier menswear trade shows. It attracts brands, designers, buyers, magazine editors, and the infamous, “Pitti Peacocks.” For better (and worse), Pitti has become known as the place for amazing classic and dapper street style. In this video, I’m reacting to some street style slideshows–British GQ and Vogue–from the most recent Pitti Uomo 95.

The peacock thing is something I want to touch on just briefly. With the culture of “me,” “look at me,” and “anyone can be famous” that social media (cough, Instagram) has bred, many people just show up, dressed in costumes, to try and get their photo taken. These people have no actual reason to be at the event–they just want to be seen.

Some of, if not the most, blatant offenders of this, are so-called influencers. This is a term that I absolutely abhor–it’s on about the same level as an “influencer” calling themselves a “Public Figure”–but one that has become accepted in marketing vernacular. The vast majority of these folks, have no vested (or, waistcoated?) interest in being at the event unless a brand has paid them to attend. But other than that, priority one is to get snapped by a street style photog so maybe they’ll “blow up”.

It’s disgusting. Being in the digital space for over six years and coming up when I did, I, know many of these people, though, thankfully, I can claim blissful ignorance of the “up-and-comers”. I will say that the handful of guys, who I’d consider OGs along with myself, do, in fact, have something of value to offer, in their own ways. It wasn’t driven so much by being famous as it was to share a perspective, passion, and POV with the world.

I’m getting WAY off on a tangent here. Bottom line is that I feel some photographers have gotten hip to this, especially at Pitti. When you have folks like Robert Spangle shooting for British GQ–someone who actually knows who the real deal dudes are–you’re going to get a more realistic view. I’d invite you to contrast that with the photos in the Vogue slideshow.

Finally, I realize that I am not the most entertaining “reactor”. It’s not my style to be over the top and “perform” like that. I prefer to be more carefully considered. If you like that (and you’ve read this far) you are probably the right kind of guy for this channel!


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47 thoughts on “Reacting To Pitti Uomo Street Style | Pitti Uomo 95”

  1. The "Pitti Peacocks" are not lame! They are a part of the culture of this showcase and help with giving it a unique identity! Men need to get out of the habit of tearing each other down! I don't like their style or posing either but I see them as bold, unique, quirky and eccentric but certainly not lame! My thumbs down was not for the content of your review but for the unnecessary rant against other men.. build up, never tear down!

  2. Sir why are you angry or ranting about people wanting to get exposure, network and advance there life in use of social media and events? Nobody makes it sitting in a room with no purpose, no style and no energy to get out and do things and gain attention. They are not walking around in underwear or showing muscles, or sexual body parts for views/money, they are putting together unique style they created and want to shine and advance. I could understand if you were ranting cause some women came and walk around in bikini's to get money/views for showing there butt on instagram. Even then they are giving a market what they want so they are smart.

  3. Hi He Spoke Style, this post it’s what a gentleman is really wearing! congratulations for your channel! I discovered you recently and now I can not stop watching your videos 😉

  4. I like alot about what you promote and share.Shurely you know what you are doing but one thing ı found a bit rude?I don’t like the look of the so called ‘’peacocks’’ and ‘’dandies’’ but isn’t everyone dressed up well to show they can dress well anyway?Even best of the best like Jo-ha,Niels holdorf or Guillaume Bo are there to promote who they are.Everyone including you has their pictures taken by others and later share online.Due to all respect what makes you any different than other people who might want to have their pictures taken?What if some random guy can come up with great style and new ideas.Why the limitation that only certain people can be there?You said they should take a huge step back about what they are doing with their life?Maybe their life is much better then yours and their only ‘’sin’’ is being at pitti cause its a different experience and in the meanwhile may God forgive having a Picture taken by request.Did ı miss a point?

  5. I feel like you were a bit condescending towards anything that wasn’t to your personal taste. Most people that attend these are not locals but professionals like buyers or people who run show rooms and they are definitely not the kind of peacocks you see at other fashion weeks

  6. I’m astonished that you would criticize the “patti peacocks” ; their is nothing profound about fashion. Clothes is superficial, and like an auto show it’s all just an amusing exhibition, a social event to entertain our selves. I enjoy it. We don’t have to like everyone’s sense of style, we can critique it, or homologate it.

  7. One thing about fashion week is that it is not the locals that are strutting their stuff/clothes/styles for that matter so you get the eschewed impression of what that particular city really represents in terms of style. Milan for example, those are foreigners who come for the fashion week whereas the real true Milanese dress so differently and has a style of their own which is unspoken that is not represented by the visitors.

  8. imo when you really want to enjoy and understand pitti and true elegance you shoud go there with people who actually work there and dig into the smaller (classic) italian family brands. thats where the real juice is, just my opinion

  9. 19:40 – 45; Gent on left looks like he could be from New Mexico – I like the layering, without the pompon, though – and the baggy trousers, I prefer a more fitted style. The bandana does him well, though I couldn't do that. I'd just throw on a scarf. – Thanks for throwing out your reactions – and, yes, the GQ was preferred, and yes it's neat to see the other stuff, too.

  10. Isn't peacocks the whole point of pitti uomo though? I mean why do people go dressed up there? Ie what is the difference between a well dressed person and a peacock?

  11. This was both fun and educational. Interesting how you could pick out the ones that don't belong and then explain why. I don't know how you don't just blurt out laughing at some of them.

  12. 19:30 What's that pattern/colour called? Looks amazing and I would really like to find a suit/jacket in that style. Btw, recently discovered your channel, loving your work!

  13. Great reaction Brian. I like the way you spotted tryhards. I wanted to get a pair of white jeans/pants as well but after your video I am a bit hesitant. Is it a really weird thing to wear in winter?

  14. On the GQ page I recognize a photo of three men, at the very top, one of whom is Ryosuke Serizawa who is an asst. buyer at Beams in Japan. His look with the corduroy suit and the Barber coat is excellent.


  15. To be honest I didn't notice many men of 35-40 age, mostly younger or elder generations. Scarf at 6:04 is a neat work-around. Can't see his shoes though. Overall a good look.

  16. I like how u r not very harsh on the outfits u don't approve of. That's quite like a gentleman. Personally I like to keep just one piece to highlight and keep the rest classic rather than to look like a Christmas tree!

  17. Dear Brian, again i think you presented a fair assessment of this event.For too long commentators have ignored the fact that some of these individuals look just plain silly.While some of the men featured Showed true individual style and elegance many more are just awful posers .Do not get me wrong i am a working class guy with an interest in all men,s style and not some fashion snob.I love Italian menswear and have been several times and have seen better dressed men ,retired guy,s fishermen factory worker,s ect on their day,s off in small town,s and village,s all suited and booted ,all better attired than most of the guy,s in your video .Finally keep your presentation style as it is unlike other,s on youtube who feel the need to shout and scream to get their point across .Kind regards Adam

  18. I read your description and I personally don't mind you not being an "entertaining reactor". I think you've got great attention to detail and that's why I enjoy these videos. And it impressive how you just knew what kind of watch they were wearing or the kind of glasses.

  19. I can really appreciate those that treat events like this as they ought to be. A lot of these looks are extreme to the point of costume or even performance art. You have garnered your audience because you are a man of taste, a man who has respect for menswear as an art. I wish more of those pictured would as well. It would seem more events are being hijacked by performance artists looking for there five minutes of fame, is this a trend or just the editors of late? I certainly appreciate the personal anecdotes about the gentlemen you know! Relationships are truly the best fruit of this community.

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