Prima Moulds part 2! How to color & Ink them!

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27 thoughts on “Prima Moulds part 2! How to color & Ink them!”

  1. If you want to dry a piece out of the mold, for example you want to make several at once, place them on a cookie rack or some kind of surface that will allow the air to flow all around the piece. When one surface is drying faster the piece is going to bow toward that side because it is shrinking faster. Anything you can do to make sure that all sides dry at the same rate will make for a flatter piece.

  2. Hi Corene, I never knew it was possible to heat emboss the objects. I had been using gilding waxes instead but I will definitely be giving that a try. So thank you for that idea. However, I've only been using polymer air dry so far and maybe heat embossing would melt or distort the objects? I will definitely be on the look out for paperclay and give that a go as it looks easy to work with: I have arthritis so anything that's easy to condition etc. is a bonus! Thanks for the info. xx

  3. nice job…..can you tell me a way to pull out the clay of the molds ? because i havve tried many times but unfortunately i could not get them out of the molds without braking them ….do i need to spray any liquid in the molds before clay or what????

  4. Do you ever have problems with the pieces cracking when you leave the clay in the mold to dry? I take my pieces out to dry & they do warp a bit, but they also crack. In fact I haven’t had even one piece nor crack. Maybe leaving them in the mold to dry would help with that?

  5. Try using polymer clay in the molds, bake in or out of the IOD molds. Bake at 275° for one hour, covered with a disposable aluminum container upside down over your pieces. Polymer clay remains completely flexible after baking so it can bend around your project. You can paint with acrylics, alcohol ink, mica powders, gold leaf, seal them if you want even with Resin.

  6. WOW! What a great tutorial! I am new to using molds and found this to be the perfect video for getting me started. Your camera usage was perfect and your audience was able to see exactly what you wanted us to see. Thank you so very much!!!

  7. cant wait to try doing some moulds , i want to ask the gorgeous acrylic blue paint from walmart can you tell me the brand name and the colour i am looking for that blue ??? love your tutorial ty x

  8. Could you have gone thicker on the Creative PaperClay? I ask because I have done a quarter inch thick Christmas ornaments using cookie cutters and they came out sufficiently thick enough NOT to snap in half. I guess it is too late to ask you how thick your pieces are here- I would love to know for future reference. I love Creative Paper Clay ! Great vid- thanks for sharing ! 🙂

  9. Loved this! The Prima clay is pretty fragile too. Mine bent and they snap at the slightest pressure despite their added 'weight'. So while they feel more substantial- I didn't find them to be stronger. Your best tip was to let people know to leave the clay to dry in the mold! I learned that lesson the hard way and wished I'd have seen your tutorial before filling 3 molds and then jumping the gun by removing too soon. Love these molds and their detail. A quick pass with an Emory board after they are dry results in beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing your tips! Never thought of coloring options you shared.

  10. I love your videos. You're so informative and it's so easy to understand your tutorials! 🙂 I'm glad I watched these 2 videos before I bought clay. I was going to buy the IOD Clay but I want easy and the Creative clay sounds like exactly what I want. I love that Clay Pasta Machine, got that on my amazon wish list. Lol.

  11. They are so pretty and really cool. I've watched Frank Garcia work on his molds more than a year ago and I have played with air clay from Daiso and molds more than 2 years ago and this is inspiring to get it out again and play (and get some more molds).

  12. While working with porcelain clay, the spurs along the edge can be cleaned with a flexible fingernail file; also a damp wipe with a brush can further refine the piece. Love following your videos.

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