Preservation of Style Commemorates LA’s Historic Neighborhoods

Alexandra Gargiulo takes us for a stroll around LA to talk about how Preservation of Style is capturing the grandeur of the city’s historic buildings. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

Alexandra’s collection of photos first started with a visual crush, taking snapshots of things that caught her eye as she walked around the city. These polaroids turned into mementos of the preserved architecture around her, and before long her appreciation turned into a calling. She was enamored with how each building tells its own story and reflects the state of society at the time of construction. She founded Preservation of Style to celebrate these structures and illustrate what happens when cities do (and don’t) offer legal protection for historic neighborhoods. As she started to study the legality of historic preservation, Alexandra knew she needed a simple, stylish website where she could showcase these vibrant reminders of our past. After purchasing a domain, she used GoDaddy’s Website Builder to create a space that she calls her own. She’s also using GoDaddy’s marketing features, using email tools to get the word out about her latest book.

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