Prepping for a fast, easy online store build

Prepping for a Fast, Easy Website Build
In this video, we’ll share:
• Some tips and tricks to consider before you start building your website
• How some simple planning can smooth the website building process

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I’m Darlene.

You know, GoCentral is a super,

user-friendly website builder.

It’s template-based, it’s drag-and-drop,

lots of pre-populated images you can choose from,

so why not just jump right in

and start building your website?

Wait, wait, wait.

What about people who aren’t exactly sure

what they wanna write or show on their site?

It can get overwhelming just feeling that topic come up.

That’s true, and there are some people who are just

so invested in what they do for their business,

they put their heart and soul into it.

They’re just scared to put it out there

for the world to see and judge.

I mean, nobody wants to hear that their baby is ugly.

Maybe you’re not super tech-savvy,

and the thought of just clicking and dragging

and filling in the blanks is a lot of stress.

Yeah, either way, if any of that describes you,

or maybe you’re just super type-A Planny Plannerton,

then we’re gonna suggest you do a little bit of prep work

before you start building.

For instance, build a website strategy document.

Write some basic website content.

Make sure that content is search-friendly.

And then put it all in one place.

Yes, all of this together

is what’s going to de-stress the process

and allow you to have a lot more fun

when you’re actually in the tool.

Play around with colors, the layout, things like that,

instead of worrying about the content.

And this is super optional.

You don’t have to do this to build a website,

but it’s only going to help the process move a lot quicker,

make it a lot easier, and you can have a whole lot more fun.

I’m Darlene.

I’m Emily.

Thanks for joining us.

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