Portable Nesting Chair With Full Size Template

Templates: https://jayscustomcreations.com/product/nesting-chair-full-size-template/
Check out Woodbrew’s build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnO8o4rb47Q
Halcyon outdoor finish from Total Boat: http://bit.ly/2kBpE2i
Use code JAYBATES15 and my link to get 15% off your router bit purchase from Bits & Bits: http://bit.ly/322OOHa
BIG trim router bit from Bits & Bits: W-UDC9112
1/2″ trim router bit from Bits & Bits: W-RFTD5125
1/4″ trim router bit from Bits & Bits: W-RFTD2100
1/4″ roundover router bit from Bits & Bits: W2001
Nitto tape (double sided tape): https://amzn.to/2ZOKLRA

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38 thoughts on “Portable Nesting Chair With Full Size Template”

  1. Another great project. I have question, I’m getting transferred to Starkville for work. What areas are best in your opinion for a family with 8 and 9 year old with a bit of land, like 1/2 acre or more? We’re in CA now, so anything will be more land than out 7500 soft lot now I’m thinking. Thanks for your guidance. Also, I’m guessing you like MS. You’re a transplant, right? Thx, Tony

  2. I forgot to say I also had a kid-size chair. and also was building a loveseat size with the folding end tables, also around folding table. was a great addition to the patio or around the pool, If I run across one of my old picks of the set I will send it to you. Please send me your e-mail so I can send it directly to you. Nice Work

  3. I like your chair, I was the original designer of this chair back in the early-70s glad to see the basic design is still being used. One of the ideas of the design shape was so you could put a couple of simple straps and carry it like a backpack with you stuff you needed for the beach or short day hike down by the river bank. Have fun and thanks for keeping my design alive.

  4. Great video Jay! Really enjoy watching your feeds/uploads – the new shop looks great, hope you are enjoying it 😉 I actually made (2) of these nesting chairs a few years ago from a Skil video I ran across – downloaded the templates and off to the races I went! Being that I live in Japan, and rough-cut lumber is at a premium and difficult to find, I used Japanese cedar for my chairs – using 1.5 and 2 cm cedar boards for the frames and seat stock. Japanese cedar is pretty plentiful and available here, and reasonably priced for projects of this nature. The light weight and weather-beating features of cedar has proven to be a winner – easy to carry them wherever we go and good to store outside (storage space in Japan is at a premium too! lol) Again, great video! Looking forward to enjoying your journey more 😉 ! John T

  5. I love this chair Jay! Thank you for sharing. I am keeping this video, and once I get back on my feet from my electrocution I will send for the templates and build several for the RV. Unfortunately I wont be able to work again so I will be allowed to travel and relax earlier in life than expected. I think I will be able to make these chairs easily enough.

  6. I absolutely love that you talked about the router safety concerns. Every time I use my router I look at my push blocks and contemplate their use. But like you, I always feel SO MUCH more in control with just my hands. But I also feel that looking at the push blocks and thinking about it makes me even more hyper aware of the dangers so I am paying even more attention to what I am doing.

  7. Love the new workshop. Everything is looking so new and soooooo clean. Not a speck of dust to be found on the ground or covering the top surfaces of the dust extraction pipes (sux when you bump them and get covered in nasty old dust!)

  8. Great project, as always. I remember making that same chair in high school production woodshop class back in the early 80s (Yes, I'm old). You've improved the design by adding cleats on the legs for the seat/back slats. We used a jig to set up all the pieces and then screwed everything together so we didn't need the cleats.

  9. You could get some curtains or tarps and put some magnets on one end so they can connect to your garage door rails for a quick and easy over spray booth. I'm sure you could make it alot fancier than what comes to mind.

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