Personalized Video Example – Webinar Promotion

Personalized videos are unique videos tailored for and from specific audiences, contents or occasions. They are created on the cloud in real-time based on customer data or any other content feed.

Acquire and retain customers by automatically generating personalized videos with new creative marketing possibilities. Sezion wants to help you get there faster.

FOR MARKETING AUTOMATION: Want to engage with your webinar leads? Send highly personalized videos in your email marketing campaigns using your own marketing automation software. Example:

FOR CONTENT MARKETING: Want to improve your SEO? Skyrocket your content marketing strategy by automatically making videos from the content you publish. Example:

FOR PRODUCT PROMOTION: Don’t miss the opportunity to sell a 30% more! Automatically make a video for every product in your catalog. Increase your sales, traffic and SEO with video even within YouTube. Example:

FOR CREATIVE ADVERTISING: Need to scale your video ads production? Accelerate customer engagement with data personalization within your videos. Create effective ad campaigns that encourage retention and satisfaction. Example:

Want to see a live example? Let’s talk:

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