Personal Trainer Software – SmarterPT – Online PT – Fitness Software 2019 – Personal Training Demo

Personal Trainer Software – SmarterPT – Online PT – Fitness marketing – Personal Trainer – Demo

Personal Training Software

Hey guys and girls, In this video we are going to demo the personal training software and the benefits you will get as a trainer and what you can provide to your clients.

Before I get in the demo, let me explain a few elements that you need to know.

At smarterPT our objective has always been to provide trainers with everything they need to be successful.

We are seeing a growing trend in the retention of clients, results and the longevity of personal trainers. As it’s simple and all connected. Personal Trainers can’t just offer ‘training sessions’ to their clients and expect this is enough. Trainers need to be providing more than training sessions, but food logging, workouts, dietary supplements, specific menus, community, tools and knowledge to ensure your clients have everything to be successful and continue to depend on your services. With the personal training software, you can do this and more and the best thing is you get all the credit.

We are excited to have the Worlds only personalised holistic, health fitness and nutrition solution, and all our members of smarterPT have access to as a part of their membership. This software has been specifically designed to help the fitness industry, clubs and personal trainers connect the dots when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition.

I know that you guys are here to see this baby in action, so lets get into it.

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  1. I got certified about a year ago and have been training for about 6 months but was making $450 per month so I had to work at another job. I accidentally stumbled onto this guy’s site at and it was the best accident.

    The guy that runs it is Stu and I signed up for one of his classes. In 2 weeks I got a new client who is paying me $350 a month and now I have gotten 3 more clients each paying me about $400 a month. I would recommend the site. There are a lot of great resources and tools and tips.

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