Pallet wood Wishing Well

These wishing wells are made nearly entirely from pallet wood 🙂 Apart from the Dowel for the crank handle, it’s all Pallet! Watch as I make one for for my stall at the Skibereen Farmers Market.

Plans for these are available if required. Just email me at :

Sorry for the “Grainy” Picture on some of this video, I need a new camera!!! Anyway, I hope you like the video!

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45 thoughts on “Pallet wood Wishing Well”

  1. Man I had one of those Black and Decker drills for a long time. Best cheap cordless tool I've ever owned. It burnt up in a fire I was sad to lose it

  2. Hi, Guys!
    It's impressive to see what you get from scrap wood!
    I'm just thinking about a surface and thickness planer, but after this video I think I will not need any…
    Kind regards and best wishes from Germany, Thomas

  3. Nice build: a few questions. You seem to be lucky in having wide battens; most pallets I can get have narrower ones. What types of adhesive were you using? There was a spray of some kind; there was a white guey compound but not specified and was that cyanoacrylic in the tubes? Also you seemed to mix two adhesives at one point. I'd like a much fuller explanation of that if possible. I am making wishing wells from 'recycled timber to sell as well, but also attempting to make some more sophisticated stuff like lighthouses and windmills. Some of the stuff on Pinterest is really cool and might well sell OK> What do you charge for your wells?

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